Organized Blockchain Data

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On-chain data products

We provide seamless access to historical and real-time transactional data.

We track asset activity including issuances, burn, transfers and decentralized exchanges. This allows our customers to:

Available Datasets

Native Coins

Cryptocurrencies/Native Coins are the digital asset that enable computations on the network.


Tokens represent ownership of an underlying asset or future access to a product/service.

Stable Coins

Stable Coins are tokens that represent or track another currency.

Decentralized Exchanges

Decentralized Exchanges are public blockchain platforms that allow the exchange of digital assets.

Data Systems

We are developing the data layer that empowers innovators to access, analyze, and build with blockchain data. We have streamlined the process of accessing on-chain data with our systems.

Key Benefits

Analyze cmorq's massive blockchain datasets using Google BigQuery's SQL interface.

Access to datasets
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